Can I convert my 9mm SIG to .357 SIG or .40SW.

Centerfire Kits (9mm,.357, and.40) are designed to be used with.22 Classic Framed Pistols. SIG SAUER does not guarantee or recommend that.40/.357 kits be used on standard centerfire 9mm frames.

How do I identify if my P229 is a 229-1 Version?

Identifying unique characteristics of a 229-1:

  • The top surface of the barrel chamber (the extended rectangular section at the rear of a barrel) is rectangle-shaped when viewed from the top down. A trapezoid-shaped legacy slide chamber will be created.
  • A complete external extractor. There will be either an internal extractor or a short external extractor on legacy slides. A full-length external extractor will be larger than 1 inch in length.
  • Looking down from the top, there is a hole in the top of the slide with a roll-pin installed in it. A hole in the top of a legacy slide does not exist.

Should I lubricate my pistol?

YES! Lubrication is required for all firearms. Please refer to your owner’s manual for proper lubrication instructions. SIG SAUER recommends using lubricants designed specifically for firearms applications.

What kind of ammo can I shoot from my SIG SAUER pistol?

SIG SAUER recommends using only new ammunition that meets SAAMI (www.saami.org) and/or NATO specifications.

Can my pistol be converted to DAK?

If your pistol was manufactured prior to 2005, it might not be able to be converted. Call our customer service team with the serial number of your pistol and we’ll confirm whether the DAK conversion is available for your pistol.

How often should I service my pistol?

We recommend service every year or every 5,000 rounds, whichever comes first. This maintains your pistol’s operational readiness and is the standard we recommend to all of our law enforcement customers. Our custom shop provides a number of service plans for both new and used pistols. Speak with one of our customer service representatives today to determine which service plan is best for you.

What is SAAMI and SAAMI-compliant ammunition?

SAAMI is an acronym for Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers Institute. Please visit http://www.saami.org for more information on their regulations or to see if your ammunition selection is SAAMI compliant.

Can I use +P or +P+?

+P Ammo manufactured to SAAMI/CIP/NATO specs is fine to use as a defensive round or for occasional range use. Continual use of this round will make it necessary for more frequent service on the pistol. We do NOT recommend the use of any +P+ round. This may void your warranty.

Can I use reloaded or hand-loaded ammo?

No, using ammunition that is not an American factory loaded, SAAMI approved round could be hazardous and void your warranty.

My 938/238 hammer will drop from the half-cocked position with the safety on. Is this a problem?

The pistol was not intended to be fired in this condition. If you intend to carry the firearm, make sure the hammer is fully cocked and the safety is engaged, or don’t load a round into the chamber.

Can I add after-market parts to my gun?

Adding after-market parts or accessories to your pistol may be dangerous, cause failure, and void your warranty. Before adding any non-OEM part or accessory to your gun, please contact Customer Service.

Why doesn’t the slide on my pistol lock back on the last round?

Lock back problems can occur for a variety of reasons. I’ve listed a few for you to consider*: Make sure the insides of the magazines are free of any grease or lubricant. Check that the gun has been cleaned and that there is plenty of lubricant on the slide/frame rails, the outside of the barrel, and the hammer/spring assembly. Some firearms benefit from a break-in period; give the gun a few hundred rounds to break in and function properly. Experiment with different ammunition. When using lower powered ammo in a new gun, feeding, extraction, and lock back issues may occur until the springs are broken in. Is the outcome consistent across all magazines? Check your grip to ensure that your thumb is not in contact with the slide catch lever. A shaky grip (“limp wristing”) can lead to cycle / lock-back issues. With an empty magazine inserted, does the slide lock back manually? If this is the case, it is most likely due to one of the suggestions above. *NOTE: The slide on the Classic.22LR pistols and Conversion Kits will not lock back on the last round.

Can the Short Reset Trigger System (SRT) be installed in my gun? Can I buy the parts?

The SRT is compatible with any DA/SA Classic Series Pistol (P220, P225, P226, P228, P229, and P239). To ensure proper operation, the gun must be sent to the factory for this service. For more information, please see our Custom Shop Services.

Is it safe to dry-fire my pistol?

Dry-firing our center-fire pistols is safe. If you do a lot of dry-firing, you should use a snap cap or plug. Always include dry-firing in your live-fire count to ensure that all springs and pins are in good working order. DO NOT dry-fire any rim-fire pistol, including the Mosquito,.22LR conversions, or Classic Pistols.

The outside of my barrel and the slide rails on my frame are showing wear – should I be concerned?

No, finish wear on the barrel and frame rails (or anywhere metal meets metal) is normal and expected. Always keep your pistol clean and well-lubricated. Please see the Contact section for more information on maintaining your pistol.

There is a square-shaped area of Nitron missing from inside the slide of my pistol. Is this a QC issue?

No. This is typical. During the Nitron application, a fixture holds the slide in place. This has no effect on the metal, slide, frame, or any of their components’ function, quality, or longevity.

I own a SigPro SP2340 / SP2009 – can I mount a light or laser unit on the gun?

A proprietary accessory rail is included with the SP2340/2009 SigPro pistols. To attach accessories to the rail, you must first obtain an adapter that converts the rail to a standard size like Picatinny. These are available from SureFire:

Can I install a shoulder stock on my 556 Pistol?

Attention: attaching a shoulder stock to the P556 results in the creation of a rifle with a barrel less than 16″ in length, which is subject to the National Firearms Act’s requirements and restrictions (26 U.S.C. Ch. 53). Before gathering, customers must contact the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives’ National Firearms Act Branch for advice on how to proceed under federal law and regulations. Local authorities should also be contacted to determine whether any State or municipal ordinances may preclude this assembly.

Do any of your 1911 models come with an ambi safety?

The majority of our 1911 models include a standard left hand side thumb safety. The STX and Blackwater are two of our models that have an ambi safety. The Custom Shop does provide ambi safety installation for most models.

Can I attach the STL300J Stoplite vertical hand grip to my P556 or P522 pistol or any pistol with the accessory rails built in?

Yes, but it will then be considered a “any other weapon” under the National Firearms Act and will necessitate a “tax stamp” or “Form 4” from ATF.

I own a P250. Can I purchase a fire control unit for my X-Change kit?

The serialized units are not offered or sold separately by SIG SAUER, Inc.

Are there two different recoils springs for my Mosquito pistol?

No, the Mosquito Pistol only comes with one recoil spring. The pistol’s initial production included two different spring weights. Mosquitos are shipped with a spare recoil spring that is the same as the one installed in the pistol.

My mosquito pistol seems to have problems ejecting & extracting?

Please try these basic trouble shooting tips before requesting service: *Please make sure the recoil spring is installed correctly. The narrow end of the spring MUST be on the guide rod first…pointing towards the rear of the gun. If it is not, this will cause feeding, extraction and firing issues. *Like many .22 LR’s, Mosquito’s can be sensitive to ammunition used and to cleanliness and lubrication. Be sure your Mosquito is cleaned and lubricated regularly and before the first use. *There is a lubrication port on the right side of the slide for the extractor, be sure you add a drop of lube in this hole every hundred rounds or so. Make sure the gun is very clean. *Some Mosquito’s benefit from a break-in period. *Be sure to use factory recommend ammunition – CCI Mini-Mags. Winchester Super-X, Remington Golden Bullet, Federal High Velocity etc…also usually work well.

I cannot remove the thread cap from my classic line threaded barrel. What do I do?

These barrel threads are a left handed thread.

I am unable to get the slide of my 1911 back on due to the safety plunger lever being raised. What do I do?

Touch on the safety plunger lever with slight finger pressure, which should drop the lever back into its pocket. Do this before attempting to re-assemble with the slide.

Does SIG SAUER make pistols which can be sold in California or Massachusetts?

Yes we do. Please see our complete list of pistols and filter by state.


Do you have the parts or information on installing a stock or other accessories to my 556 Pistol?

Please call Customer Service at 603-610-3000 Mon – Fri 8:00AM – 5:30PM EST for information on adding accessories to your 556 rifle or pistol.

Why were the E2 versions of the P220, P226 & P229 pistols discontinued?

The “E2” specific model pistols were a limited production run. The positive feedback we received in response to their ergonomic grips from our customers was so overwhelming that SIG SAUER, Inc has made them a permanent addition to the basic P220, P226 & P229 lineup.

My SIG SAUER pistol is not accurate. Why? What should I do?

All SIG SAUER production duty/combat pistols are set up to use a “combat” sight picture. This is where the front sight completely covers the bullseye of the target. Using a six o’clock (“pumpkin on a post”) or center mass (“half’n’half”) sight picture will result in low impact. SIG SAUER, Inc sights in all non-sporting and non-target pistols for 2 inch groupings @ 10 yards. If you are still having trouble please contact Customer Service for further help and instruction. Please have your serial number ready. There are also very helpful free Internet sites that cover pistol group analysis.